Are you interested to buy this domain?

Let me make this very clear: THIS DOMAIN NAME IS NOT FOR SALE!

There is only one exception: significant amount of money. I am not interested about your few thousand dollar offers and I will not answer to any of such enquiries. I will start sales negotiations from one million euro (&euro 1,000,000) which is about USD 1,469,200 (December 28th, 2007).

As we all know there are only 675 other domain names in .org TLD which are as short as this one and only 2,028 with any of .com, .net or .org TLD. That makes this domain name quite rare and wanted.

My terms for sale are simple:

  1. Signed contract according to Finnish law
  2. The above mentioned (or which ever will be the agreed) amount of money in euro currency shall be transferred to my personal bank account in Finland.
  3. My current email addresses (10 addresses) shall be kept still working for five years and forwarded to addresses which I will select.

If you still want to make an offer, please send an email to address

There is a spam filtering in that address and all email messages containg HTML or Word documents will be considered as spam and deleted automatically.

Rejected offers from buyers — TOP-5
  1. USD 20,000 (~ 13,612 EUR)
  2. USD 10,000 (~ 6,806 EUR)
  3. EUR 2,500
  4. USD 2,500 (~ 1,701 EUR)
  5. unspecified amount of money in USD

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